November 17th 2020

Lexia Luccen is a seventeen-year-old girl with a fiery power that is slowly destroying the last fragments of her sanity. Having lost her abusive father, Lexia is left scarred from the way he treated her and by the grief of his death. When she accidentally uses her ability to create a devastating explosion that takes many lives, she is moved from her life of solitude into the hectic youth facility that is Lucida.
Lucida is no ordinary youth facility. It is a secretly run technological agency for supernatural wayward youth, set up to teach them how to control their abilities after they have caused disturbances in society. These youths think that once they have been reformed, they will be freed. However, the truth is a very different story.
Lies, love, and more death await Lexia at Lucida, and she soon realizes that this facility is not quite what it seems. Now she knows she must make a choice: does she finally give up to the darkness that slowly consumes her—like her father did—or does she follow the firestorm that runs through her veins and for once in her life, battle for something?
Time is running out. Lexia needs to make her decision fast, before Lucida makes it for her.

Published by Wallace Publishing

The Damened Society USE MASTER DRAFT (1)

letters to jupiter

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portraits of flowers

As do flowers, we go through stages of growth and wilting. Through Portraits of Flowers, we examine these stages and see how one of the many flowers of the world looks at hardships, beauty, grief, and pain to become the fully bloomed flower they’re today. This collection takes inspiration from paintings, walking in nature, the body, hearts, souls, and everything that lays in the delicate place's flowers flourish. 

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house of the rising seoul


February 2021

Letters to Jupiter is a poetry collection that explores a tale of the fragility of the mind. With each poetic letter, written by an unknown narrator seeking to let go of the past, we see life at its darkest time, brightest, and examine how much a person can grow after a life-changing event.

Published by Magnolia Press